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A comprehensive course for kickass couples looking to navigate this transition together …




Online from the comfort of your own home.

(In-person classes available at our flagship location in Madison, WI).  

Birth, breastfeeding, and new baby care.

 Content and support for couples.

COVID-19 UPDATE – Our classes have all moved online. 

We are continuing to take and support doula clients – in this time of uncertainty,
folks are all the more confident in their decision to seek support.


Imagine having the support to confidently make the most useful decisions for YOUR baby and YOUR family.

Six hundred+ births, thousands of families, decades of professional work in this birth and babies world between us…

We are safe space.

When it comes to options, we encourage you to explore, consider, try on – and we encourage plenty of space to change your mind too.

We care about how you feel about your decisions more than that you find the “right” answer.

We work to be aware, inclusive, and anti-racist.

We know you value your time, and we strive to make this experience stream-lined and personally tailored to your needs.

We are experienced.  We are organized.  We are responsive.

And we absolutely LOVE what we do.

Tips for Doulas – Wait On Aromatherapy

Tips for Doulas – Wait On Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy really is effective in labor for adding to/changing the mood in the room for the laboring family and also staff. We’ve seen countless big deep breaths and shoulders visibly relaxing from staff as they walk in the room when the diffuser is running.

AND. If someone is deep in labor-land, you don’t want to whip out that particular tool without first doing a sniff test.

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COVID-19 – March 13

Holy heck.  And what the actual frick. ​ This is wild. And unsettling. We are right there with you with all the feelings. ​ And here's what's up here in Madison-based Lumos-land: ​ Doula Clients​ ​ Doula clients have been receiving additional updates separately, but...

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We believe critical that the people and information around you helps you to feel confident, safe, & joyful.

Our online course, live classes, and services are ideal for folks who want to be involved in making the best-for-their-families decisions for their bodies, their homes, and their lives.

We do not believe there is any one-way to grow, birth, and raise your babies.

We are here to help you find YOUR ideal, and we will support you fiercely.


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