The ladies of Lumos are worth their weight in gold! Great prenatal classes, birth and post partum support that’s really second to none. Seriously, they are just the best. They have taken care of every detail in helping you prepare for baby and are the kindest, most thoughtful human beings on the planet.
– Kayleigh and Nick


The joys of parenting sometimes feel as overwhelming as they are wonderful. We are here to help you sort through what is important to you, and to support you as you make the decisions best for your pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Our team, our experience, and our training allows families to feel as though they are not adrift alone in a sea of unknown.  You will be surrounded by decades of experience in pregnancy, birth, lactation, newborn care, infant sleep, and parenting.

We are here to support you fiercely and wholeheartedly. Zero judgement involved.

The experience of Lumos allows you to focus on growing your little one with less stress, saves you decision-making fatigue (it’s a very real thing in this day and age of seemingly unlimited choice), and encourages you to begin confidently making the right choices for your family, all the while knowing you have continuous access to the options and support.

Imagine having the support to confidently make the most useful decisions for YOUR baby and YOUR family.

Five hundred+ births, thousands of families, decades of professional work in this birth and babies world between us…

We are safe space.

When it comes to options, we encourage you to explore, consider, try on – and we encourage plenty of space to change your mind too.

We care about how you feel about your decisions more than that you find the “right” answer.

We know you value your time, and we strive to make this experience stream-lined and personally tailored to your needs.

We are experienced.  We are organized.  We are responsive.

And we absolutely LOVE what we do.

We Don’t Have to Enjoy Every Minute

We Don't Have to Enjoy Every Moment EMILY HAGENMAIER Counselor specializing in parenting transitions, and a Lumos Team member Multiple choice: “Enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast.” A. The worst thing you can possibly say to an overwhelmed, sleep-deprived parent...

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Food Preparation for Postpartum Ease

POSTPARTUM PLANNING Food Preparation for Postpartum Ease Riley Huebsch, Lumos Trio April 26th, 2017 There are so many things to think about and plan for when you're having a baby.  Baby names, getting your space baby-ready, choosing a doctor for your babe, making sure...

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Playing vs Entertaining

"I kinda don't love playing with my baby....." Playing vs Entertaining 19 April, 2017 Parenting Babies "I like playing with him - watching him figure things out, and making him smile and laugh. But I get bored. And then I feel guilty. I love him and I enjoy him and so...

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Curious about the experience of working with Lumos?  Want to come in and sit with us over a cup of tea to see if we might be a good fit?  

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting in the early years is such a personal – and sometimes overwhelming – journey.  It’s critical that the people around you help you to feel confident, safe, and joyful.  Our services are ideal for folks who want to be involved in making the best-for-their-families decisions for their bodies, their homes, and their lives.  We do not believe there is any one-way to grow, birth, and raise your babies.  We are here to help you find YOUR ideal, and we will support you fiercely.

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