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Meet Alli & Lea

Here are some of the kinds of things that matter to us:

 - that the families feel respected, listened to, and have access to evidence-based options so they can make the decisions right for their family

- that folks understand that there is no one right way to grow, birth, and raise a tiny human

 - clearly sharing our values: we work at being anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-ableist, anti-transphobic; we are pro-choice  

More About Alli



What they love about this work: talking with so many different and amazing folks

Likes: big earrings, big dogs, the sound of water against a canoe, the way her kids giggle at one of their dad’s ridiculous jokes, a long walk, the way a big city feels at night, building Legos, anything and everything Star Wars

Dislikes: when someone doesn’t choose kindness, being late, putting away clean laundry

Dream vacation: train ride through Europe with my family

Words to describe Alli: kind, honest, compassionate

More About Lea



What she loves about this work: building relationships, when folks light up in class as puzzle pieces fall into place

Likes: quilting, sunshine, maple syrup in coffee, reading in a hammock while camping on Lake Superior, admiring beautiful beadwork, a well-timed expletive, finding new music, learning how not to kill houseplants

Dislikes: mosquitoes, people who don't tip well, mean-spirited politics

Dream Vacation: a tie between a road trip across the US stopping at national parks and pow-wows along the way OR a family trip to NZ

Words to describe Lea:
genuine, focused, hardworking

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