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Our Story

We feel REALLY FRICKIN’ passionate about how people feel when they are growing and meeting their little ones.

We are birth and breast/bodyfeeding educators, doulas, and mamas.  We are located in Madison, Wisconsin – traditional lands of the Ho-Chunk people. 

We do what we do because we believe how folx feel when having a baby shapes who they are as parents.  We believe that birth is a powerful time in people’s lives and there are roots of social change possible when couples and families feel empowered and positive about their birth and their early newborn days (no matter what choices they made about pain meds and interventions).  

Between us we’ve been doing this work with families 25+ years, have taught thousands of folx, and have attended 500+ births.  We are honored to share all we’ve learned with you.


Alli Ryan (she/her)

Alli Ryan (she/her)

Alli was lucky to grow up learning from a community of folks in the big city and in the middle of the woods.

As a firstborn, Alli was pretty primed to go into education and was excited to land in the sciences. She loved every second of teaching to all different age groups in a variety of public and private education settings.

It was when she and her husband were trying to start a family that she found birth work/education. It was like taking the first bite of a delicious meal; Alli knew this was a career that felt just right.  

Lea Wolf (she/her)

Lea Wolf (she/her)

Lea was born & raised in a family of strong women in the Ojibwe tribal community of Bad River on the shores of Lake Superior.

With a strong love of research and teaching, Lea thought she’d work in academia, but the world of parenting, birth, and babies distracted her; she’s been working professionally with families for the last 17+ years.

Lea loveloveloves teaching and connecting with folks via social media.  She’s also the one who cobbles together most of the techie stuff (so send her an email when/if you find mistakes!).

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Alli continues to feel lucky learning alongside the amazing families she’s supported over the last 15+ years. Most of all, she appreciates the ways in which mothering her own rainbows continues to grow and stretch her in all the beautifully hard ways.

What Alli loves about this work:
talking with so many different and amazing folks, teaching, the power of presence alongside someone doing something really hard

Likes: big earrings, big dogs, the sound of water against a canoe, the way her kids giggle at one of their dad’s ridiculous jokes, a long walk, the way a big city feels at night, building Legos, anything and everything Star Wars

Dislikes: when someone doesn’t choose kindness, being late, putting away clean laundry

Dream vacation: train ride through Europe with her family

Words to describe Alli: kind, honest, compassionate

Two truths and a lie:

– she used to have pet Madagascar hissing cockroaches
– she doesn’t know how to ride a bike
– she has a collection of vintage aprons and hankies 

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Lea is mama to a big (college next year!) and a little (a toddler) and enjoys hanging with them being silly, reading books, and dancing in the kitchen.

What Lea loves about this work:
building relationships, when folks light up in class as puzzle pieces fall into place, witnessing people doing amazing things, connecting with folks in community

Likes: quilting, sunshine, maple syrup in coffee, reading in a hammock while camping on Lake Superior, admiring beautiful beadwork, a well-timed expletive, finding new music, board games, and all the wonderful restaurants in Madison

 mosquitoes, people who don’t tip well, mean-spirited politics, crappy coffee

Dream Vacation:
 a tie between a road trip across the US stopping at national parks and pow-wows along the way OR a family trip to NZ

Words to describe Lea: genuine, focused, hardworking

Two truths and a lie:
– A buffalo once jumped right over her
– She has a whole craft beer setup in her basement
– She was not legally allowed to leave the country for nearly two decades

Have questions?  

We are happy to do a 20m call (phone or Zoom – your pick!) if you are interested in learning more about our online course or our classes/services in Madison, WI. 

Photo of Lea Wolf & Alli Ryan


We love this work because we love connection.