We started Lumos because we believe that families are stronger when they are able to navigate their own experiences and story.

We believe the seeds of social change are planted when families are able to empower themselves and feel supported in the process of growing their family.

Families who choose Lumos know they will be more grounded and confident as parents when they are surrounded by support, information, and community.

Alli (she/her) & Lea (she/her)

Alli (she/her) & Lea (she/her)

Lumos Co-Founders

Alli & Lea both love creating relationships with families and doulas in a way that honors what a big deal it is to have a babe. 

Alli: a lover of spreadsheets (for real), an avid runner/walker with her black lab, & totally a sympathetic crier.  

Lea: a huge fan of Lake Superior, photography, quilting, & beading. 

Together Alli & Lea are at 500+ births & 25yrs working with families professionally.

Alli & Lea teach Lumos ONLINE Birth + Baby course.  They also work with the Madison-based Lumos Doula Team to support families as they navigate their pregnancies and births.


Lumos Doulas Duos

Ashley Hartman Annis (she/her) & Kristin Enge (she/her)

Ashley Hartman Annis (she/her) & Kristin Enge (she/her)

Lumos Team Duo

Ashley is a fertility awareness educator, a full-spectrum doula, & a zine-maker.  When she’s not talking about cervical fluid or getting her hand squeezed at a birth, she enjoys knitting, reading, and watching her dogs do cute & funny things.

Kristin is a mama, yogi, and self proclaimed birth geek. She’s a city girl living on farmland out in the country, and has all the feelings about the experience.  She is a lover of books, the smell of rain, and is a kickass prenatal yoga instructor at The Studio.

Amie Gieseke (she/her) & Jen Collins (she/her)

Amie Gieseke (she/her) & Jen Collins (she/her)

Lumos Team Duo


Amie relishes in small town life with her three boys deep in the rolling hills southwest WI.  She loves to organize and can be found rearranging furniture in her free time.


A loyal (long-suffering) Cubs fan, Jen can be found taking in a baseball game with her husband and son or out on a hike when not attending births. Levity is also important to Jen! She’ll probably crack a joke when you’re together and she’ll definitely cry alongside you when that babe is in your arms.

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