We believe that the United States was built to uphold white supremacy.

We believe that it is not enough to be kind and loving on an individual/family level.

We believe that we must actively choose to be anti-racist and actively support those who are breaking down the systems that keep racial disparities in place.

As such, we are committed:

– to provide $200/year to each of our team members to be used towards anti-racism trainings, books, resources, and causes so we can all further our individual work

– to supporting the groups and organizations that are working to dismantle racist systems; Lumos and our team doulas match will $25 from each doula contract (so a total of $50 from each contract), and we actively work to encourage white families to understand the privilege they have and donate additional money to support BIPOC organizations and birthworkers

– to provide classroom and meeting space free of charge to BIPOC organizations

– to explicitly incorporate awareness of birth disparities into our teaching and our birth work

– to continue to amplify the voices of those working to create change locally and nationally to our community