Birth Basics Express

Looking for a quick overview of the birth process?

Our Birth Basics Express (BBE) is a fast paced one-day class to cover the physical/physiological process of birth, as well as common interventions and coping/support.  This 5.5hr one-day class is offered frequently, and is a great quick out-of-hospital option for busy lives.


What is the difference between BBE and the Birth Fundamentals class?  

BBE covers the basic info from both the Birth Fundamentals and Labor Coping & Support classes, in a very fast paced one-day format. There is less depth for each topic, not much time allotted for questions/discussion, and no hands-on practice when it comes to coping/support.

Why would I take one class over the other?

BBE is great as a refresher, as a basic overview if our Birth Fundamentals class isn’t working schedule-wise and you’d like to take the more in-depth Labor Coping & Support class, or if you know a quick class is best for your schedule and/or learning style.

BF is great if you learn better with discussion, hands-on practice, and space to ask questions.  We are able take time to discuss what to expect from different kinds of care providers with regard to the birth process and interventions.  It’s also a better option if either the birthing person or their support person has very little knowledge about birth.

Offered on the following Saturdays from 930a-3p:

 February 2
April 4

Instructor – Kristin Enge, CBE

  CLASS FEE – $110