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Write a birth plan that will actually be used

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About Lumos

Meet Alli & Lea

We're doulas, mamas, educators, business partners, and grateful women getting to do what we love.

We work with kickass couples who...

  • about having a birth they feel good about
  • ...want to understand the evidence and what their options are
  • ...prefer to learn in a non-judgy atmosphere
  • ...really want to navigate having a baby together as a couple
Free Mini Course

shared from our experience of 25+yrs and >500 births...

Three days to a better birth plan:

Why you need a birth plan...

No matter what kind of birth you want, a birth plan can be a fantastic tool. It's not just for a particular kind of birth. Yes, for real.

Birth Plan Templates

We'll email you templates for your birth plan, including one for a cesarean birth and another for your postpartum stay as well.

Use your plan as the kickass tool it can be...

So what the heck do you actually DO with your plan once it's done? We'll talk you through how to make sure it's read and is useful for you!

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