We Don’t Have to Enjoy Every Minute

We Don't Have to Enjoy Every Moment EMILY HAGENMAIER Counselor specializing in parenting transitions, and a Lumos Team member Multiple choice: “Enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast.” A. The worst thing you can possibly say to an overwhelmed, sleep-deprived parent...

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Food Preparation for Postpartum Ease

POSTPARTUM PLANNING Food Preparation for Postpartum Ease Riley Huebsch, Lumos Trio April 26th, 2017 There are so many things to think about and plan for when you're having a baby.  Baby names, getting your space baby-ready, choosing a doctor for your babe, making sure...

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Playing vs Entertaining

"I kinda don't love playing with my baby....." Playing vs Entertaining 19 April, 2017 Parenting Babies "I like playing with him - watching him figure things out, and making him smile and laugh. But I get bored. And then I feel guilty. I love him and I enjoy him and so...

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