Holy heck.  And what the actual frick.

This is wild. And unsettling. We are right there with you with all the feelings.

And here’s what’s up here in Madison-based Lumos-land:

Doula Clients

Doula clients have been receiving additional updates separately, but we do want to give a general update to all – we are fully dedicated as a team to do everything we can to be a support to our clients.

Meriter-Unity Point has officially relayed that “UnityPoint Health – Meriter considers doulas, midwives and interpreters as a vital part of our patients’ care team. These providers do NOT count as the one support person allowed under the current hospital and clinic visitor restrictions. Please know that Meriter’s leadership team is in total agreement that community midwives and doulas are essential to the mother and newborns care.” 

SSM (St. Mary’s) hasn’t clarified their one-visitor policy as of yet, but we assume/hope that they will follow suit in understanding the ways that doulas serve a unique and useful role on a birth team. We are working with our clients to ensure that they feel as supported as we are able to be – including additional prenatal meetings and learning opportunities.

Lumos Series Class Folks​

We have moved all in-progress classes to Zoom during their regularly scheduled times.

We will be keeping an eye on how things evolve over the next few weeks, in terms of future classes. We WILL have class options – either via Zoom or in our online class (which runs April-May for our spring series).


We have always followed MMSD’s school closure policy. We were already discussing how to move forward when WI’s state-wide school closure mandate came through.

Adria’s amazing and really really really cares about how you are all doing – so will be hosting an online Moonbeams same days and times (10-11:45a on Mondays and Thursdays). Show up and chat around at 10, discussion will get started at 10:15.

And if you’ve never done Moonbeams but are craving some human interaction (via a screen) – just show up. No need to sort passes and the like. We recognize how isolating these coming weeks might be – show up for support, from the comfort of your home.

Moonbeams is a space where we want folks to feel safe and comfortable – and so we do require folks to register in order to get a login:

Register in advance:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Laction Clinic

The drop-in format of Lactation Clinic will be suspended until more is known.

You are welcome to call/text Adria to set up a time to come to the office for a one-on-one “clinic” visit, though. It won’t be a 2-hr drop-in format, but will honor the unlimited Lactation Clinic model (pay a one-time $75 fee for unlimited visits). This may evolve based on demand. Reach out to Adria directly adriacannon@gmail.com and 608-698-0182.

Adria also does home visits if having lactation support in-home feels best for your family.



​This is all a lot. We recognize the ways in which AAAAAALL the feelings are likely happening right now. Let them happen, let them flow on through. And breathe. And if you’re like us – schedule some social-media timeouts for yourselves.

Much doula love to you all. So so much.
Alli & Lea 💛