My patients feel supported in their choices and not judged…

I know my patients are in good hands when they choose Lumos. The doulas support families with respect and caring during this transformative period. My patients feel supported in their choices and not judged by this group. The doulas also work collaboratively with OB providers to help ensure mothers and babies stay healthy. The comprehensive package Lumos provides offers pregnant and postpartum women the support they need to remain healthy and feel good during a physically trying time. I am appreciative of all the things Lumos does for women and their families and highly recommend them to my patients.

Leila Midelfort, MD Family Physician Wildwood Family Clinic

Support did not waver…

We wanted a doula to help us have a natural birth in a hospital setting. Lea had lots of useful information for us & the pre-birth conversations we had were very helpful. Her support did not waver, and her calm & clear-headedness were very appreciated. We hired her for post-birth doula services, which was a great choice. She helped us with baby wearing & directed us to breastfeeding resources that were instrumental in helping me get through some early breastfeeding challenges. 


Support that’s really second to none…

The ladies of Lumos are worth their weight in gold! Great prenatal classes, birth and post partum support that’s really second to none. Seriously, they are just the best. They have taken care of every detail in helping you prepare for baby and are the kindest, most thoughtful human beings on the planet.


They have other clients, but you would never have guessed it…

Every meeting with our doulas prior to our son’s birth yielded incredibly helpful and comforting information.  In prenatal meetings and on the day of the birth, our doulas were always there to offer support and provide suggestions and assistance that in turn allowed my husband to be his best when we needed it most.  We had some difficulty breastfeeding postpartum, and our doulas were there to help us through the challenges.  They have other clients, but you would never have guessed it by how focused, thoughtful and thorough they were when it came to support and help.


Lumos is the full package…

Lumos is the full package. They offer in-depth prenatal education, rock-solid labor support, and expert breastfeeding guidance. I love when my families work with them, knowing they will have everything they need.

Dr. Jill Mallory, MD, IBCLC

Lumos gave me the support I needed and made me feel embraced into a community I didn’t know existed before…

My husband was skeptical of getting a doula at first; he thought Doulas were going to push us to have the birth they envisioned for us or would push him out of the supportive birthing companion role during the birth. After we met the Lumos ladies my husband (who is an analytical programmer type) agreed to move forward. After all was said and done, one of the saddest things to him about our baby arriving/him going back to work was there would be no more monthly meetings and no more Lumos for us (she is our last baby). They helped my husband support me. They did not step in and take his place but provided addition, much needed support. They are not there to make your decisions for you but rather help provide valuable information when you need it and provide you support and guidance along the way as needed.

I cannot speak highly enough of this team of wonderful ladies. They were there for me every step of the pregnancy (well not the first part 😂) and during the first year postnatal.

Their monthly prenatal meetings were a great opportunity to meet other families, get to know our Doulas better, discuss the monthly topic, and to have a safe space to get information/opinions of topics that might be on our minds or other families going through pregnancy as well.

Prenatal yoga with Kristin was one of my favorite things during pregnancy. I never was a “yogi” before and did it on a whim but it was amazing. It helped center me physically, mentally and emotionally. I looked forward to it every week. Kristin provided a safe space where we could laugh, cry, destress, or just be. 

During the birth, my husband and I delayed calling our Doulas because we thought we were fine and it might be weird having them there. This is the only thing we regret in the process and our recommendation is to call them right away. When they entered it was like a warm hug just wrapped around us (metaphorically speaking). They helped bring a sense of calm to a chaotic point. 

After birth I’d highly recommend joining Moonbeams. It truly is a unique, highly supportive, much needed space. I’ve never met a more nonjudgemental mom group. If nothing else it gives me a safe comfortable space to be with my daughter and helps me get out of the house 1-2x a week to be around other adults. As the babies get older it is fun to see them interact with one another. Also, it is a great way to meet fellow moms.

Lumos gave me the support I needed and made me feel embraced into a community I didn’t know existed before. I am so thankful for everything they did for us. They will always hold a special place in our hearts. Love you ladies!



I feel like I learn different tricks and techniques (from them) every time!

I love having the opportunity to work with the Lumos doulas. I know that when a patient tells me their Lumos doula is on her way to join them, we are going to have a good birth together. It’s a joy to watch the them provide one-to-one, focused support for birthing mamas (and their families). Even after 11 years as a labor nurse, I feel like I learn different tricks and techniques every time I have the chance to labor a patient with one of their doulas.


Jenn Aumanstal, RN

So much gratitude!

We were fortunate to have Alli for the births of both boys and equally as lucky to have Riley join us as well for our second birth.  I can’t put into words how special these women are as well as the doula profession.  They empowered and supported me to have the birth experiences I desired.  They offered unwavering, nonjudgmental care, providing love and education during the times we needed support, and I actually just want to be bffs with them.  So much gratitude!



We really enjoyed our time prenatally.

You are amazing and we are so grateful for all of your support and wisdom in preparing for Lyla’s arrival.  It meant so much to us knowing you were there for us.  You’re gentle and confident.  And more than this – you are a lovely and loving person.  We really enjoyed our time prenatally, and appreciated the home visits and the photos you took as well – such precious moments captured.


We recommend the doulas to give you peace of mind and help make your birth experience the best it can possibly be given any circumstance…

The Lumos team was essential to our entire first birth experience, we couldn’t have imagined it without them. The classes and group sharing informed us and prepared us in addition to standard classes at Meriter. Knowing we had knowledgeable support meant everything. Your birth plan can go out the window very quickly and having the calm Lumos team there to breakdown options and allow you to make informed decisions in stressful times is indispensable. The Lumo doulas were so amazing and caring for us like family throughout. Their lactation consultant helped us more and made life easier in one home visit than in multiple consultations at the hospital. We highly recommend the doulas to give you peace of mind and help make your birth experience the best it can possibly be given any circumstance.


We can’t thank you enough!

Your knowledge, support, and gentle support made the process so much easier and smoother.  We not only want to thank you for the day of her birth but also for helping to prepare us leading up to the birth, and the support since that day.  We can’t thank you enough.


They are kind, strong, and respectful…

Lumos is incredible. They are kind, strong, and respectful, and have become an important part of our birth and postpartum community! They are truly advocates for their families and the most amazing birth partners, helping us understand our options and impact every step of the way, and helping me recognize my power as a woman giving birth. Their knowledge and presence leading into our birth and postpartum are valuable in ways that we had never imagined prior to going through the experience with them, and that are different from many doula models in the Madison area. Their innovative model allowed us to build a relationship with the full team and meant that no matter what we needed, and when, we had the experience and expertise available to us. We recommend Lumos without hesitation – talk with them once. You’ll get it.


You continually reminded us what we were capable of…

We really can’t thank you enough for the amazing support, confidence, encouragement, and experience you gave us. You continually reminded us what we were capable of and we still can’t quite believe what we went through to bring our baby into the world! We truly believe it would’ve been a very different experience had we not decided to partner with you both and we are such huge doula advocates now. We are so happy we were able to have an experience with our goals even with a few unexpected twists along the way.