What matters to us:

Evidence and options
Trusting families to know what is right for them
That you have an experience that feels good to you
Working to be anti-racist 
Supporting all families 
Reproductive rights

First Birth?

Families having a bub for the first time have our full community-based live Lumos series – covering birth (including coping & labor support) and infant care (including breastfeeding, infant soothing, & postpartum recovery) included with our doula services.


Have a little (or littles) already?

Families who have had a babe before will have access to a refresher course.


Included in Lumos doula services:

On-call support from moment of hire
Twice-monthly group prenatal meetings
Community-based birth, breastfeeding & newborn classes
OR (if you’ve had a babe before) birth refresher course
A doulas-family prenatal visit
Labor, birth, and immediate postpartum support
Birth followup visit


What does doula support look like in the pandemic?

All of our live community-based classes have moved to our “Zoom-room”.

Our prenatal time together will be done online as well, as we are prioritizing our in-person time and support for labor support for the safety of all involved.

Our postpartum followup will be done as a hybrid of virtual and in-person as needed, again – so as to best prioritize the safety of all involved.

We do not know what the next months will bring in terms of public health.

We do know that in your world, the months to come will be bringing a baby.  And clients are reflecting now, more than ever, that they value having the support of their doulas.



Get in touch!

Schedule a 20m phone call w/co-founders Alli and Lea – this is great if you want to connect w/Lumos ASAP and/or want to be able to ask specific questions.

Sign up for our next Learn About Lumos Zoom.


The ladies of Lumos are worth their weight in gold! Great prenatal classes, birth and post partum support that’s really second to none. Seriously, they are just the best. They have taken care of every detail in helping you prepare for baby and are the kindest, most thoughtful human beings on the planet.
– Kayleigh

My wife and I have had a terrific experience with Lumos. Their birth classes are second to none and you couldn’t ask for better support. I would recommend them first when considering doula services in Madison.
– Bob

Lumos is incredible. They are kind, strong, and respectful, and have become an important part of our birth and postpartum community! They are truly advocates for their families and the most amazing birth partners, helping us understand our options and impact every step of the way, and helping me recognize my power as a woman giving birth. Their knowledge and presence leading into our birth and postpartum are valuable in ways that we had never imagined prior to going through the experience with them, and that are different from many doula models in the Madison area. Their innovative model allowed us to build a relationship with the full team and meant that no matter what we needed, and when, we had the experience and expertise available to us. We recommend Lumos without hesitation – talk with them once. You’ll get it.

I know my patients are in good hands when they choose Lumos. The doulas support families with respect and caring during this transformative period. My patients feel supported in their choices and not judged by this group. The doulas also work collaboratively with OB providers to help ensure mothers and babies stay healthy. The comprehensive package Lumos provides offers pregnant and postpartum women the support they need to remain healthy and feel good during a physically trying time. I am appreciative of all the things Lumos does for women and their families and highly recommend them to my patients.

-Leila Midelfort, MD Family Physician Wildwood Family Clinic Madison, WI

The Lumos team was essential to our entire first birth experience, we couldn’t have imagined it without them. The classes and group sharing informed us and prepared us in addition to standard classes at the hospital. Knowing we had knowledgeable support meant everything. Your birth plan can go out the window very quickly and having the calm Lumos team there to breakdown options and allow you to make informed decisions in stressful times is indispensable. Lumos was both so amazing and caring for us like family throughout. Their lactation consultant helped us more and made life easier in one home visit than in multiple consultations at the hospital. We highly recommend the doulas to give you peace of mind and help make your birth experience the best it can possibly be given any circumstance.