What matters to us:

Evidence and options
Trusting families to know what is right for them
That folx have an experience that feels good to them
Working to be anti-racist 
Supporting all families 
Reproductive rights

Included in Lumos doula services:

✓On-call support from moment of hire
✓Twice-monthly group prenatal groups
✓Lending library access
Community-based birth, breastfeeding & newborn classes for folks having a first birth/refresher course for folks having subsequent kiddos
A doulas-family prenatal visit
✓Unlimited labor, birth, and immediate postpartum support
✓Birth followup visit

First Birth?

Families having a bub for the first time have our full community-based live Lumos series – covering birth (including coping & labor support) and infant care (including breastfeeding, infant soothing, & postpartum recovery) included with our doula services.


Have a little (or littles) already?

Families who have had a babe before will have access to a refresher course.



All of our live community-based classes and group prenatals continue to be held in our “Zoom-room”.  We will reassess this for fall of 2021.  

Things are definitely looking up and YAY science!

We are grateful to the Madison area hospitals who recognize doulas as a part of the care team (ie – we are not counted as visitors).

This last year has been a doozy, and clients have expressed their gratitude for having support in such an uncomfortable time.  And we are grateful to be able to continue to support families.  


Lumos Doulas Duos

Ashley Hartman Annis (she/they) & Kristin Enge (she/her)

Ashley Hartman Annis (she/they) & Kristin Enge (she/her)

Lumos Team Duo

Ashley is a fertility awareness educator, a full-spectrum doula, & a zine-maker.  When she’s not talking about cervical fluid or getting her hand squeezed at a birth, she enjoys knitting, reading, and watching her dogs do cute & funny things.

Kristin is a mama, yogi, and self proclaimed birth geek. She’s a city girl living on farmland out in the country, and has all the feelings about the experience.  She is a lover of books, the smell of rain, and is a kickass prenatal yoga instructor.

Read more about Ashley & Kristin…

Amie Gieseke (she/her) & Jen Collins (she/her)

Amie Gieseke (she/her) & Jen Collins (she/her)

Lumos Team Duo


Amie relishes in small town life with her three boys deep in the rolling hills southwest WI.  She loves to organize and can be found rearranging furniture in her free time.

 A loyal (long-suffering) Cubs fan, Jen can be found taking in a baseball game with her husband and son or out on a hike when not attending births. Levity is also important to Jen! She’ll probably crack a joke when you’re together and she’ll definitely cry alongside you when that babe is in your arms.

Interested in learning more?
Schedule a 20m phone call/Zoom (your pick).

Lumos has supported us in all three of my births. Though each birth was different, my doulas were the constant support I needed and truly helped me to have the best experience possible. These doulas are truly worth their weight in gold!

– Louisa

Working with Ashley and Kristin was the best decision we made in our prenatal and birth journey. I had a surprise induction after developing high BP at a weekly appointment. We were so not prepared and Ashley came to sit with me at the hospital at 1:00 AM while my husband ran home. She even gave us her own snacks when we realized we hadn’t eaten dinner that day! I was so afraid that getting induced meant losing the unmedicated vaginal birth I had envisioned, but Ashley helped us see all of our options at every point. She was there for us through the entire induction process. At the birth, she was a quiet, strong support. She allowed my husband to be my support person, while also letting me know she was there. She would float in and out of my awareness at exactly the right moments. She helped my husband take care of himself and made us both feel safe. My birth might not have started the way I thought it would, but it turned out just as I hoped! This is really just a long winded way to say that we couldn’t have done it without her. And even though Kristin wasn’t there, she checked in often and helped me stay calm over the phone while I was in triage. These women are one of a kind and beyond gifted at what they do!

– Meg

The ladies of Lumos are worth their weight in gold! Great prenatal classes, birth and post partum support that’s really second to none. Seriously, they are just the best. They have taken care of every detail in helping you prepare for baby and are the kindest, most thoughtful human beings on the planet.

– Kayleigh

If you are looking for support during birth that can change your experience, look no further than Lumos! My husband and I were referred to Lumos late in the game (32 weeks) but they were able to work with us for our due date. Not only were they accommodating, but they were open and helped us be prepared for our birth. 

During labor, our doula was so supportive, encouraging techniques to help me stay calm. My husband was able to grab a few hours of sleep, gearing him up for pushing in the morning.  All in all, I ended up laboring for 23 hours with 4 hours of pushing to bring bebe into this world.

People ask how I did it and are astounded at labor being that long and intensive. Honestly, it didn’t feel nearly as overwhelming as it could have because of Lumos support. I cannot recommend Lumos highly enough for prenatal, antenatal and postnatal support. This team makes you part of their family, and my husband and I absolutely love them and recommend them to everyone! If you’re on the fence, just do it! You won’t regret it!

– Kirsten

My wife and I have had a terrific experience with Lumos. Their birth classes are second to none and you couldn’t ask for better support. I would recommend them first when considering doula services in Madison.

– Bob

We love Lumos. What a down to earth, no nonsense, caring and compassionate, knowledgeable and authentic group of folks. We felt loved, empowered, and cared for and had a wonderful birth experience. We can’t say enough good things!

– Sarah & Josh

My goodness, you all are such loving people. It’s apparent that everyone at Lumos is passionate about their jobs & roles. The way we were spoken to was very supportive & real, something you’re all really good at. Lumos was a very big reason that we had a positive birth experience. Our doula made us feel incredibly empowered and safe during our labor & delivery.

– Noel