What matters to us:

Evidence and options
Trusting families to know what is right for them
That folx have an experience that feels good to them
Working to be anti-racist 
Supporting all families 
Reproductive rights

Included in Lumos doula services:

✓On-call support from moment of hire
✓Twice-monthly group prenatal groups
✓Lending library access
Community-based birth, breastfeeding & newborn classes for folks having a first birth/refresher course for folks having subsequent kiddos
A doulas-family prenatal visit
✓Unlimited labor, birth, and immediate postpartum support
✓Birth followup visit

First Birth?

Families having a bub for the first time have our full community-based live Lumos series – covering birth (including coping & labor support) and infant care (including breastfeeding, infant soothing, & postpartum recovery) included with our doula services.


Have a little (or littles) already?

Families who have had a babe before will have access to a refresher course.



All of our live community-based classes are moving back to in-person as of August 2021 through group prenatals continue to be held in our “Zoom-room”.  We will reassess this for fall of 2021.  

Things are definitely looking up and YAY science!

We are grateful to the Madison area hospitals who recognize doulas as a part of the care team (ie – we are not counted as visitors).

This last year has been a doozy, and clients have expressed their gratitude for having support in such an uncomfortable time.  And we are grateful to be able to continue to support families.  


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