Amie Gieseke (she/her)

Amie Gieseke (she/her)

Lumos Team Doula

Amie was raised on a farm in Southwest Iowa.  She learned to watch for signs of early labor and began observing birth at a young age.  During a summer in California she saw photos of a water birth and with that her interest in birth (especially midwifery) began.

She left Iowa long ago and has since settled in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin raising 3 boys with her husband in Iowa County.

Amie began her professional work in the field during the fall of  2008.  

What she loves about this work:
watching families grow, educating about EVERYBODY’S right to informed consent in all settings, tucking people in, seeing all the joy and relief, most of all the variety…no two births are alike

Likes: the color green,  rearranging furniture, talking on the phone, downhill skiing, a clean house, red wine, and chocolate

Dislikes: humidity, peanut butter, and those who don’t speak the truth

Dream Vacation: Amie would love to travel to more places by train in Europe.

Words to describe Amie: supportive, honest, attentive

Two truths and a lie:
– Amie was named Miss Congeniality at the Cass County Fair
– She loves surfing
– There are 7 chickens in Amie’s backyard

Jen Collins (she/her)

Jen Collins (she/her)

Lumos Team Doula


Bio coming soon!