Ashley Harman Annis

Ashley Harman Annis

Lumos Team Doula

An Iowa native, Ashley (she / her) bopped around the country for awhile (Illinois! Pennsylvania! Oregon! Washington! Oklahoma!) before finding her forever home in Madison.

Having no prior interest or knowledge about her uterus, Ashley stumbled upon the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and had an inkling she had found her calling. She completed a teaching training program for reproductive & sexual education in 2014 and has been teaching about bodies & cycles ever since.

After being invited to a few friend’s & family member’s births, Ashley attended a birth doula training “just to see how it feels” – and it was amazing.  She started offering full spectrum doula support in 2018, and joined the amazing Lumos team in 2019.

Ashley lives on the far east side with her smart & funny partner, her two weird dogs, and her stoic rabbit.

What she loves about this work:
waking up in the middle of the night to go to a birth (seriously!), how each birth is its own, unique experience, watching families love & support each other in the midst of pain, fear, joy, uncertainty, & excitement, and hanging out in liminal, time-out-of-time spaces

Likes: all the dogs, candle-lit baths, tarot cards, knitting socks, sauerkraut on everything, cozy spaces, fancy coffee / wine / chocolate, sleeping in, paper planners, and sitting around a kitchen table for hours talking & laughing with friends

Dislikes: unorganized spaces, capitalism, starting the day without a shower, when her eyebrows become unruly

Dream Vacation: Stay-cations that involve sleeping, lounging, snacks, & reading. Or, alternatively, a little road trip to Minneapolis that includes bookstores, coffee shops, long bike rides around the city, and a too-expensive dinner at Bachelor Farmer

Words to describe Ashley: non-judgmental, creative, curious, gentle

Two truths and a lie:
1. Ashley would happily live in a tiny home or converted school bus home.
2. An astrologer told Ashley she should be a doula before she even knew what a doula was.
3. Ashley played the sousaphone in her high school marching band.


Kristin Enge

Kristin Enge

Lumos Team Doula

Kristin lives with her two littles and pilot/farmer husband in Sauk County on a little farmette nestled in the Baraboo Bluffs.  
Make no mistake, she is a born and raised city kid so think more Green Acres than Little House on the Prairie. She drives tractors and grows hemp with her husbands third generation dairy farm. Don’t worry she leaves the dirt behind when heading to a birth.

Once upon a time Kristin had aspirations of working as a therapist or advocate. However, her Psychology degree translates beautifully to this work as a deep, unyielding desire to connect and understand how best to help families.

She started out as a prenatal yoga instructor, added childbirth education with Lumos a few years ago, and was thrilled to add doula to her professional roster as well – she had been working her way there for several years.

What she loves about this work: 
watching folks sit with new ways of thinking about birth, when families find their own path, holding space for the hard work of pregnancy, labor, and birth, that look of “holy crap, I just had a baby”, the amazing community that is Lumos – we support each other so we can support our people

Likes: key lime pie, travel, yin yoga, beautiful tattoos, rainy days, book stores, black coffee, the way the way staring at clouds can slow time, art, live music, Mexican food, when people are polite, well timed sarcasm, the Oxford comma, a good vintage shop, yarn shops, knitting, did I mention pie? (basically everything from Humble Sweet and Savory Pie), perusing Instagram, people who are body positive, genealogy, the moon, my minivan, really good babysitters

Dislikes: people who are unkind, when the cold wind blows in her ears, guessing games, being hangry, excessive amounts of toys, fish (really anything that might get’cha in the water), my minivan

Dream Vacation: Backpacking through Europe.

Words to describe Kristin: kind, calming, thoughtful, accepting, open

Two truths and a lie:
– Kristin met her partner while traveling in Europe
– She can bend her leg behind her head
– Kristin once shared a cup of tea with a Maasai elder