Vicki McCarthy (she/her)

Vicki McCarthy (she/her)

Lumos Team Doula


Vicki was born and raised just outside of Milwaukee. She and her husband met the summer after their high school graduation. Years later, they followed the sunny skies to California, but ultimately moved back to the Midwest to be near family again. The sunshine and beaches continue to call them, and they respond by dipping their toes in the water every chance they get!

After 20+ years of serving children and families as a Montessori educator & school administrator, Vicki now focuses her time and energy on offering support during pregnancy and into the early years of parenting and beyond. She is a prenatal yoga instructor, a childbirth educator and a birth & postpartum doula.

What she loves about this work:
A reminder that we can all do hard things, supporting each individual through their own journey because each journey is uniquely different,

campfires, tattoos, Mexican food, exploring big cities, listening to live music, dinner with her family of four, organized spaces, sunny destinations and traveling in her vintage camper

winter, beating around the bush, and when the TV is on simply as background noise

Dream Vacation:
Soaking up the sun anywhere near the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

Words to describe Vicki:
Calm, compassionate, fiercely loyal and crazy-organized

Two truths and a lie:
– Vicki and her younger sister went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.
– For her 40th birthday, Vicki went skydiving and got her first tattoo.
– Vicki and her husband rode across the country on their motorcycle five times and counting.