A powerful & informed birth experience course for kickass couples

The MOST thorough preparation series for birth, breastfeeding, infant care, and navigating the transition into parenthood. Lumos classes draw on options, evidence, and experience, and cover everything from childbirth and feeding to care and postpartum planning.

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Co-create the birth that's right for YOU.

We've got your back (and your front, too.) Because we know the confidence that comes when your family is trusted with information, aware of your choices, and supported in your decision-making.


Research shows that families who feel involved in their birth process as active decision-makers talk about their births as "good". Families who feel steamrolled or ignored in the decision-making process report feeling more trauma about their birth experiences.


Based on our experience as doulas, we find the same dynamic to be true in the early parenting stages as well – finding the "right" answers for your family is much easier when you’ve had the time and space to sit with all of the options.


We teach from the latest research. Not all protocols when it comes to birth & parenting recommendations are rooted in the evidence. We’ve found it is much easier for families to stand behind the choices that they’ve made (as the best decisions for their family) when they have the information and research to support their choices.


We believe you have a right to feel confident about your choices as you navigate these enormous transitions, and knowing the evidence goes a long way towards confident decision-making.

This is your birth, right? RIGHT.


The Lumos team has been teaching for a collective 25+ years. We’ve also been to over 500 births. Our class reflects our experience. You can feel certain that the information you are receiving will be more than what you can learn through reading and perusing the internet alone.


Our experience has lead us to conclude that families do best when they can make decisions rooted in options, evidence, and their own intuition. YOU are the ultimate expert on your body, your relationship, and your baby, and that concept is central to how we teach and practice.

THE Birth Course For Couples

Confident Baby+Birth is an all-options, evidence-based, zero-judgment learning environment for folx preparing for baby. Get ready with support, knowledge and confidence - on your own timeline & from the comfort of home.


Unpack what you thought you knew about birth.

  • The state of birth in the US
  • Discrimination in the delivery room
  • Oxytocin & the hormonal processes
  • Early, active, & transition phases
  • Pushing & the birth – why does it take so long?
  • The placenta and why your providers care so much
  • Labor Land - brain wave states & why its useful to understand, even if you’re planning to use pain meds


Understand medical tools & options so you can make the right calls for you.

  • Common interventions & evidence, options
  • How to talk with your care provider
  • All about Inductions
  • Pharmacological pain relief options, & how to avoid additional interventions if medications are feeling like a good option
  • Cesarean Birth – learning more about what to expect; family-centered/gentle cesareans
  • When is birth actually an emergency?


Do most of the thinking work of labor before labor even starts.

  • Who should really be on your support team
  • How to create the ideal environment for you
  • Coping in labor - body & mind strategies for dealing
  • Partner Support – how to love on & protect your person
  • Strategic positions – set your body up for success
  • How to hold intentions (loosely)
  • Birth plans or preferences?


OMG New humans are so flippin' cool!

  • The first hour after birth
  • Understanding your newbie
  • Interpreting early breastfeeding behavior
  • Hospital procedures & decision-making for baby's medical care
  • Meeting baby's needs (with way less stress)
  • Newborns look weird – truly
  • First days – how to get support, and keep it all in perspective
  • Overcoming common breastfeeding challenges


We're not meant to do this alone. What to expect & how to prepare.

  • Set up the ideal environment for success
  • Tuning in to the biomechanics of breast/bodyfeeding – environment, instinct, positioning, & latch
  • Partner feeding support – so everyone feels held and gets lots of bonding time
  • Organizing friends & family - how to help your people help you
  • Your new community/network Find a great baby-doc, where to find local support, & how to build a community of other parents


Things are gonna be different. You've got this.

  • How your body heals
  • Postpartum warning signs, resources, and how to navigate postpartum mood disorders as a family
  • Co-build a broader soothing toolkit
  • Strategize safe nighttime parenting (so everyone can get as much sleep as possible)
  • Relationship care - enjoying one another as partners as well as co-parents 
  • Why & how taking good care of yourself IS taking good care of baby.

Meet your new human with confidence.

And take that feeling of connection home with you.

Because YES, surprises are inevitable. This IS really hard. You CAN prepare. And it's gonna be awesome!

A comprehensive online course for birth AND breastfeeding/newborn care

Get immediate access to all of the content | Learn at your own pace together


Are you an Indigenous/First Nations family? Email us at and we will send you a code to take the course at no cost.

Are you a member of any other group whose health outcomes are disproportionately affected by systemic and institutional prejudice? - Email us at and we will send you pricing options including extended payment plans and/or discounts.

Are you a white-hetero family who needs a more flexible payment schedule? Email us at and we can chat options.

What our couples have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Lumos classes were the best thing we did to prepare for having our child."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Through these classes we felt empowered to make choices in our birthing preferences that were authentically us."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Compared to the birth classes we took through the hospital, the Lumos classes were FAR more helpful and enjoyable."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We expected to learn about the process of giving birth, but gained so much more than that."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"We felt empowered to make choices in our birthing preferences that were authentically US."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

" We appreciated the stories and perspectives of the doulas and learning from their experiences."

"This course was undoubtedly one of the best things we did to prepare ourselves emotionally and mentally for becoming parents.

The content was so informative, with the breadth and depth of what was covered was both fascinating and so helpful! We always looked forward to the next section, and appreciated so deeply the care and intention Alli and Lea brought to each topic.

We felt empowered to make decisions about what was best for our family, to advocate for what we needed, and to nourish, birth, and keep alive a small human!"

- Jenny & Will, parents to Reyzl

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Our Guarantee

We believe in our course.

We’ve taught this course to thousands of folx over the years.

We’ve witnessed families flourish and reflect on how grateful they were to have done so much intentional learning and thinking and talking.

We have no agenda beyond getting evidence and options in front of families and trusting that they’ll find their own “right” way.

And, if for whatever reason, you start the course and it’s just not for you – we have a no-questions-asked 7d money back guarantee.

Birth Your Way.

All the information, evidence, and options you need to make this enormous transition with confidence.

Hi hi!  We are Alli (she/her) and Lea (she/her) – educators, small business owners, parents, and doulas.

We’ve taught thousands of families and been to hundreds of births – and never get over the wonder of it all.

Having a baby is easily the most amazing/overwhelming things most folks will ever do in their lives. It’s a big BIG deal, and here at Lumos – we honor that and believe fiercely that how you feel as you have a babe matters.

We believe in evidence and options.  And we aren’t here to tell you there’s any “right” way to do this crazy-cool process that is adding a babe to your family.