The Lumos Series

“Where education meets intuition.”

Madison’s MOST thorough preparation series for birth, breastfeeding, infant care, and navigating the transition into parenthood.

Lumos classes draw on options, evidence, and experience. The series is taught by the Lumos doulateam,
and consists of equal parts childbirth and breastfeeding/feeding/infant care/postpartum planning.

Take all four classes for a full series, or break them up based on your needs.  


Research shows that families who feel involved in their birth process as active decision-makers talk about their births as “good“; families who feel steam-rolled or ignored in the decision-making process report feeling more trauma about their birth experiences.

And based on our experience as doulas, we find the same dynamic to be true in the early parenting stages as well – finding the “right” answers for your family is much easier when you’ve had the time and space to sit with all of the options.

Evidence-based practice

We teach from the latest research.  Not all protocols when it comes to birth and parenting recommendations are rooted in the evidence.  We’ve found it is much easier for families to stand behind the choices that they’ve made (as the best decisions for their family) when they have the information and research to support their choices.

We believe you have a right to feel confident about your choices as you navigate these enormous transitions, and knowing the evidence goes a long way towards confident decision-making.


The Lumos Duo has been teaching for a collective 25 years.  We’ve also been at over 400+ births.  Our class reflects our experience and you can feel certain that the information you are receiving will be more than what you can learn through reading and perusing the internet alone.

Our experience has lead us to conclude that families do best when they can make decisions rooted in options, evidence, and their own intuition.  You ultimately are the expert on your body, your relationship, and your baby, and that concept is central to how we teach and practice.


Each individual course in The Lumos Series is 5.5hrs long and is offered as a one-day course on a weekend day or as a two-week weeknight course.

Each individual course in The Lumos Series is 5.5hrs long and is offered as a one-day course on a weekend day or as a two-week weeknight course.


Learn the fundamentals of the birth process and what is happening physically and hormonally during the birth process.  We will go over the stages of labor, positions for labor, options for your care team, interventions, and writing a birth plan.


So you understand the basics of the birth process – but want to learn more about how to actually get through labor?  This course is for you.  We discuss maximizing the odds for a normal physiological birth, how couples can work together, and comfort measures for labor.

(We strongly recommend every individual coming to this course have the basics of birth under their belt – whether through our Birth Fundamentals class, Birth Basics Express, another childbirth course taken elsewhere, or through extensive reading.)


This course covers the early hours and days of what to expect for both infant and mother, the basics of breastfeeding, the important role of partners, local resources, as well as basic info on pumping, storing, and bottlefeeding.


Thinking about actually having a baby come home with you after the birth and wondering what in the world you’re going to do with it? This course focuses on nighttime parenting and infant sleep, soothing, the important role of partners in early parenting, postpartum healing, self-care, relationshipship care, babywearing, and more.

(This course assumes a basic understanding of breastfeeding – if that is your plan – whether through our Breastfeeding 101 course, a class taken elsewhere, or through experience/reading.)

DATES – 2020 Series Registration

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Weeknight Series (6:30-9p):
Wednesdays February 5 – March 25 – FULL
(JUST ADDED) – Mondays March 9 – April 27 
Wednesdays May 6 – June 24

Weekend Series (SaSu 9:30a-3p):
January 11 & 12 and January 25 & 26
April 18 & 19 and May 2 & 3
June 27 & 28 and July 11 &12

If needed, reach out if you need to take different parts non-consecutively  (we don’t recommend breaking up the series if at all possible – the cohort element is really lovely, but we understand busy schedules; also – we don’t recommend taking Part II or Part IV without a thorough grounding in the info from the preceding part).


The full Lumos Series – $275
Part I & II -OR- Part III & IV – $150
Individual Part – $100

We do not recommend taking Part II – Labor Coping & Support unless you (both) have a firm grasp on the stages and phases of labor, as well as protocols, interventions, and options.  Likewise, we do not recommend taking Part IV – The Fourth Trimester if you are planning to breastfeed if you do not have a firm grasp on breastfeeding (including both parent-led and baby-led laidback positioning), and support for breastfeeding in Madison.

The class did a great job of empowering us to ask questions and take control of what we can.”  – past student

The class did a great job of empowering us to ask questions and take control of what we can.”  – past student

If you’d like to learn more about The Lumos Series class, check out the FB live Lea and Alli recorded.  We answer questions from FB commenters asking about the philosophy of the class, insurance/payment options, why it’s so in depth, how it’s different from a hospital class, and so much more.

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