We do a #TellUsTuesday post in our IG stories each week, and it’s always a fantastic place to learn about what all kinds of parents think and do.

A few weeks ago, we asked families “name the top three items you found most useful in the early months of parenting”:


Stretchy wrap, Boppy lounger, white noise machine

Nursing bras that fit well, my bed with plenty of clean sheets at the ready, coffeeeeeeee

A stretchy wrap for carrying, a large water bottle, absorbent burp cloths

Waterproof mattress pad for our bed, infant lounger, memory foam tailbone cushion

(And a stretchy wrap too!)

Chocolate-covered pretzels, a stretchy wrap, and my tv remote

Coffee, snacks, naps

Nursing tank tops, stretchy wrap, bouncer

Stretchy wrap, snack buckets, bouncer

Ring sling/wrap, Blessed Nest nursing pillow, doula visits

Also! – texting our doulas for support

Boppy, water cup w/a straw, swaddles

Stretchy wrap, exercise ball, and earplugs/mask for whichever parent was “off”

Nursing home-cooked meal deliveries, postpartum doula visits, wool breast pads

It’s a bummer so much focus is put on buying the baby stuff, when really – mostly all the baby needs is US.  If they’ve got that, the babies are alright.  So let’s all make sure the new parents in our lives are alright.