When we talk with folks in the new-baby days, they often reflect that they wish they’d spent less time obsessing about the birth and find the “right” stuff – and more time on how to actually cope/survive/thrive in the newborn days.

You’ve likely heard of birth affirmations, but we asked our IG crew (do you follow us on Instagram? – we love our IG Stories, it’s one of our favorite places to be) what affirmations they used in the newbie days and we thought we’d share…

New-Baby Affirmations

Ask for help.  (And takeout!)

This is temporary.  They will be so different in a week.

Rest is not lazy.  It is critical for healing.

There is no steeper learning curve than life with a new babe.  Remember to breathe.

You are safe and you are loved.  (Both for her and for me!)

There is no normal.

Everything is temporary.

Breathing reminder: slowly deeply.

You have support, use it.  

Focus on the positives, embrace the mess and exhaustion.  

I can do hard things.

This is not forever.

It will be something different soon – enjoy it when it’s good and trust when it’s bad it’ll end.

Don’t forget to have a good time.

Everything will change.

At least I’m not in labor!


What affirmations worked for you in the new-baby haze?  We truly want to hear!!  


We created a PDF if it’d be helpful to have it in a form easier to save and/or print.  Drop your email here and we’ll get it over to you in a jiffy!